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Our Team

Get to Know Us

Matty Brown

Managing Editor

Major: Writing, with a minor in Communications/Journalism

Dream Job: Music and entertainment journalist 

Fun Fact: I have been to Firefly Music Festival for the past five years.

Jordan McLeod

Photography Editor

Major: Photography 

Minor: Communications with a specialization in journalism 

Dream Job: To be a full-time artist! 

Fun Fact: While photography appears to be my passion, it is actually at a tie with music. I sing, write songs, play guitar and produce!

Stefan Joyce

Video Editor

Major: Communication, Specialization in Journalism

Dream job: Investigative journalist or documentary filmmaker 

Fun Fact: My eyes change color!

Katerina Solonos

Social Media Manager


Major: Interdisciplinary Communication and Writing with a specialization in Journalism 


Dream Job: Writer for a big-time magazine


Fun Fact: I was a Tommy Hilfiger runway model when I was 4 years old.

Alec Rudolph

Website Designer

Major: Communications with a specialization in journalism

Dream Job: Host my own sports-related podcast or TV show

Fun Fact: I enjoy reading high fantasy novels such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

Sofia Barr

Content Editor

Major: Communications with a specialization in Journalism and a Writing interdisciplinary.

Dream Job: Acquisitions Editor for a publishing house.

Fun Fact: I love the sound of snoring because it reminds me of my shih-tzu. 

Emma Hagedoorn

Editor in Chief

Major: Interdisciplinary Communication and Visual Arts with specializations in Journalism and Photography

Dream Job: Editor of a publication

Fun Fact: The Jonas brothers went to my high school and were friends with my family members.